Form FNC for opening branch office in India


Application for Establishment of Branch/Liaison Office in India

A. General Instructions to Applicants:
The application form shall be completed and submitted to the AD Category – I bank
designated by the applicant for onward transmission to the Chief General Manager-
in -Charge, Reserve Bank, Foreign Exchange Department, Foreign Investment
Division, Central Office, Fort, Mumbai – 400001 along with the documents
mentioned in item (viii) of the Declaration.

1. Full name and address of
the applicant.
Date and Place of incorporation /
Telephone Number(s)
Fax Number(s)
E-mail ID
2. Details of capital
i) Paid-up capital
ii) Free Reserves/Retained
earnings as per last audited
Balance Sheet/Financial Statement
iii) Intangible assets, if any

3. Brief description of the activities of the
4. i) Value of goods imported from and /
or exported to India by the applicant
during each of the last three years:

a) Imports from India
b) Exports to India
ii)Particulars of existing arrangements
if any, for representing the company in
iii) Particulars of the proposed Liaison/
Branch Office:


Master Circular on Establishment of Liaison / Branch / Project Offices in India by Foreign Entities

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  1. Sir please share the format of Declaration to be furnished with the application FNC-1?

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