School Audit

Step 1: School Master

1.Name of School
2.PAN of School
3.Address of School
4.Relevant period for audit
5.Contact person name and phone no.
6.Previous balance sheet / trial balance

Step 2: First day document collection

S.No.ParticularsCollectedEmailedMatched with trial balance (Y/N)Reasons for differencesDifferences resolveddate
1.Complete Trial Balance (detailed) with opening, debits, credits and closing balances (add date/time)
2.Full Bank Statement for relevant period
3.Bank reconciliation statement (BRS)
4.FD Confirmation / Statement
5.Full fee structure
6.Student strength (Class wise and category wise)
7.Complete salary structure
8.Full list of students (Full fees, concessional and EWS) (Class wise)
9.Opening balance verification with previous trial balance / balance sheet

Step 3: Fee reconciliation

Step 4: TDS reconciliation

Step 5: Other verifications

S.No.ParticularsCollectedEamiledMatched with trial balance (Y/N)Reasons for differencesDifferences resolveddate
1.Fixed assets purchase verification with bills
2.Expense vouching
3.Library books physical verification
4.Laboratory equipments physical verification
5.Sports equipments physical verification

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